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Ethics in sports


Sports should be taken as sports. It is for having fun, improving your health and fitness, etc. But nowadays no ethics is followed. Everyone wants to win. There is a lot of pressure on each person to win. This leads them to choose paths that are unethical. They just want to win and are not concerned about the way they follow.


Using of steroids is illegal in sports. It gives the user an advantage over other persons they are competing with which is not fair. Also, use of steroids leads to various health issues. It is used as medicine only in small dosages. When it is used in large doses, it causes serious health problems. Health issues that develop due to usage of steroids are:


In men




Prominent breast development


Shrinking of testicles




Difficulty in urinating


In women


Manly voice


Decrease in breast size


Excessive growth of hair in face and body


Problem in periods



In both men and women it causes


Increase in bad cholesterol (LDL)


Decrease of good cholesterol (HDL)


Problems in liver


High Blood Pressure


Psychiatric problems like depression, aggressiveness, etc.


Steroids are used by various persons but in sports its usage is more. All these people become addictive to the steroids. When they stop using it, they become very aggressive. Only when they are given the steroids are they calm. Using steroids also causes many other serious problems in our lives. It affects a person’s personal life as well. There have been cases where people had killed other person because of the psychiatric disorder caused by usage of steroids.


Also sports are a field where you should compete based on your fitness, your practice and other things. One should not win by the power of the steroids used. So, if someone gets a steroid more powerful than yours, then that person wins, thus making it very ugly. Even losing should be taken sportively. That is what will keep the spirit of sports alive.